Brights On is an amazing album combing the best of modern alt and indie rock while channeling classic rock, Fjord Pony feels like a crossover between Arctic Monkeys and Radiohead. by Rock Era Magazine
Every so often you kick over the right rock and discover a truly great album Brights On is one of these hidden gems Lovers of indie alternative and rock will love Fjord Ponys sound by Third Half Music
Such ingenious wit earnest emotion and swiftness of expression Fjord Ponys resources of heartfelt invention are brilliantly revealed with Brights On by The Planet


"Brights On" (released 2/17/23) is the first full-length album by rock disciples, Fjord Pony. Its ten songs summon the ghosts of post-punk and the California sound to deliver a halcyon soundtrack for these strange days. Fjord Pony crafts songs with big hooks, fuzzy guitars, and insights into life, love, and death.


Fjord Pony is an American indie rock band that melds lyrics of melancholic sweetness with haunting riffs and driving grooves. They take their music seriously, but not themselves. It's all about the songwriting: no gimmicks, no tricks. When they roll up their sleeves and dive into the organic recording process at their studio clubhouse, the result is something special. Each member of the quartet brings their own sonic flair to the table with the aim of taking you on a musical journey that is both fresh and familiar. Fjord Pony's music is influenced by classic and garage rock, British Invasion, alt-country, and post-punk. Based in the Tri-state area, members include principal songwriter Chris Wiedemann (left center) on vocals and guitar, Rick Ciervo (right center) on keys and guitar, Mike Mongillo (left) on bass guitar, and Jesse Alford (right) on drums and percussion. And just in case you were wondering, no, the name Fjord Pony does not have a satisfying backstory.


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